Retweet After Me: Week of April 11, 2012

Welcome back for this week’s Retweet After Me. These articles were all selected based on their ability to help you improve through small tips and services. They also all have numbers in the titles! Enjoy!

15 Twitter Analytics Tools for Measuring Your Online Presence by Madalin Tudose

For many of us Twitter has become a part of our lives. Thanks to Twitter, now it`s easy to connect with our friends and relatives and to share our thoughts and feelings with them and is obvious that these kind of networks are influencing the way we communicate and live. [ Read More ]

19 Tools for Pinterest Pros by Tia Fisher

As Pinterest growth skyrockets, so follows the number of tools available to help us manage our content, understand our metrics, and be better pinners. Below are just a few of the tools and services now available for use with Pinterest that are especially handy for brands, marketers, and Pinterest devotees. [ Read More ]

100 More Social Media Statistics for 2012 by Cara Pring

You may have had the honour of reading one of my previous literary masterpieces, 100 social media statistics for 2012 in January. It has taken me just one month to collate another 100 social media statistics from countless (reputable) websites and articles (some of which are listed at the bottom of this article). Actually there may not be exactly 100 statistics here, but I figured it was close enough. [ Read More ]

12 Incredibly Useful Digital Tools for PR by Mark Pack

What are the key social media tools that PR professionals need to go from bumbling amateur to results-driven superstar? [ Read More ]

Web Copywriting 101: 12 Tips for Creating Strong Content by Shanna Mallon

In today’s Web-focused world, the power of the Internet is key — one of the most important tools you have today for improving business, whether that means building your brand, attracting customers or increasing sales. And one of the best ways you harness that power comes down to this: your Web content. According to StartupNation, “it’s what you say and how you say it that makes the sale. Establishing credibility is key … The content on your site must be crisp and intelligent. What you say should grab a visitor’s attention, pique their interest and motivate them to action.” [ Read More ]

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