Retweet After Me: Week of Jan. 29, 2013

This week is focused on improving social media listening, SEO and taking a look at social media ethics.

Omni Hotels: The Power of Social Listening by Lin Humphrey

One afternoon, a tweet addressed to @OmniHotels said simply, “Dear Omni Hotel: Key lime pie: Win. Wi-Fi: Fail.” The eCommerce team, who monitors and responds in social channels, responded to the tweet and contacted the hotel to rectify the situation. What the team did not realize at the time was that the tweeter was actually the keynote speaker of a PR, marketing and social media conference at their Jacksonville location. They had deployed the GM of the hotel to alert the tweeter that the issue had been resolved (along with a slice of key-lime pie as a tongue-in-cheek goodwill gesture). While this was only one tweet of many that Omni Hotels saw and answered that day, the results of the action Omni took perfectly illustrates the power of social listening. The end result was a resolved issue for an influential customer that resulted in word of mouth about the exceptional service due to social listening from the other participants at the conference. [ Read More ]

Google Author Rank and Your Personal Brand by Maria Elena Duron

Google is renowned for its ability to find and share the information users want to see, and now it has taken it a step further. It has provided a recent addition to optimizing search engine results. The addition of Author Rank allows those that generate material in the online world to be found in a new way. [ Read More ]

Did CNN editor cross the line with tweet to Lone Star student? by Anthony Cave

Freshman Amanda Vasquez was sitting in room 163 of the Academic Building at Lone Star College – North Harris when she heard shots ring out in the hallway. [ Read More ]

6 Reasons Not To Create a Facebook Fan Page by Nichole Kelly

Many companies are rushing to try and jump into social media because they feel tremendous pressure to prevent being left behind. Most of us have moved past the need to make a business case for social media and into the era of “needing” social media as part of our overall marketing mix. The statistics on social media adoption are astounding. A recent study found that over 90% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. This is a drastic shift from where we were even just a short 2 years ago. In the same study, more than half of the respondents had less than 1 year of experience in social media. [ Read More ]

5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your Marketing by Jason Miller

Are you wondering how to best use Google+ to enhance your marketing?Google+ is quickly becoming an essential part of any business’s social media strategy. [ Read More ]

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