Retweet After Me: Week of Feb. 21, 2013

Here’s this week’s roundup of need to know social media news, and some new ideas for improving your social media presences. Enjoy!

Getting the Most Out of Graduations with Social Media by Cameron Pegg

In many ways, graduations are the ultimate social event. Thousands of people gather on your campus simultaneously to celebrate the achievements of their friends and family members, happily producing and sharing photos, video and other content. [ Read More ]

Neiman Marcus: Making Fashion Social Through Strategy and Execution by Lin Humphrey

When considering the social media approach for an upscale retailer, it is hard not to draw comparisons with couture design. Appealing to a design-conscious fashionable consumer requires a well-constructed, custom approach where content, not short-term promotions, rules. As with clothing, timeless style trumps fleeting fads in a flawless social media execution. [ Read More ]

MTV and BET’s fake Twitter hack PR stunt wasn’t funny and raises serious questions by Taylor Soper

MTV and BET just fooled us all, and I’m not sure if it was funny, stupid or scary. Yesterday, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked and the same hackers did it to Jeep today. Then, just an hour ago, it appeared the @MTV and @BET accounts — both are owned by Viacom — were also victim to the same intrusion. [ Read More ]

Police Informed Mother About Son’s Death Over Facebook by Kevin Morris

Anna Lamb-Creasey’s son had disappeared without a trace. She called hospitals and jails. She waited for days and then weeks and then a month, desperate for a sign of life. She posted to his Facebook page: “Rickie where are you? Love mom.” [ Read More ]

Twitter Launches Ads API, So Marketers Can Run Campaigns Through Adobe, Salesforce, Others by Anthony Ha

Twitter just announced via blog post that it has launched an advertising API, which will allow brands to run ad campaigns through the company’s API partners, rather than having to buy them through Twitter itself. [ Read More ]

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