Texas Tech’s 90th Anniversary Campaign Results


Back in February, Texas Tech celebrated its 90th anniversary! Surrounding this university milestone, we launched a small social media campaign to encourage our audience to celebrate with us. We used a variety of different channels and tactics for this, including starting a new Tumblr channel.



We created a Tumblr account for this campaign so we could house historical content, similar to Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, but on a much larger scale. We decided to post 5 pieces of content per day, and each week was a different decade, starting in the 1920s through today. Creating this much content was a challenge, but it attracted a lot of eyeballs with more than 13,000 pageviews, so it was a success! In addition, we’ve continued the Tumblr on a smaller scale, posting Texas Tech history a couple of times a week.

Facebook and Twitter

We used Facebook and Twitter as a supplement to Tumblr since it was a brand new channel for us. We directed a lot of traffic to our Tumblr from our mainstay channels. Facebook was by far the largest referral traffic source for the campaign, with Twitter not far behind.

Web Advertisements

In addition to social media efforts, we also used some banner ads in higher education publications to show our peers Texas Tech’s success. According to the website, this ad had one of the highest CTR they’ve seen on their banner ads.

In-person Event

We also hosted an in-person event in our Student Union Building where we served cake to students, faculty and staff. This helped include our audiences within the celebration in a more active way, and provided us an opportunity to receive feedback.

Keys to Succeed

This was a long campaign for us, and one that took a lot of content. In hindsight, I would say be 100 percent sure that you can commit to the amount of content you decide at the beginning. A second piece of advice is to write as much content ahead of time as possible, and to schedule it if possible. Since our history wasn’t going to change, I could schedule our content far in advance, allowing us to be sure that everything went out evenly and timely.

Have you taken on a campaign similar to this? What advice do you have for others embarking on this type of project?

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