Will Advertising be the Death of Instagram?

Instagram announced that it would start adding advertisements into the feeds of users a few weeks ago, but they finally gave us a first glance of what they would look like. And surprisingly, it’s not too crazy.

Many have been wondering when this would happen, ever since Instagram was bought by Facebook for that $1 billion price tag. And the time has come, but Instagram is being cautious about the introduction of ads. You can see from the first “sponsored” Instagram post, that they are making the ads blend in with normal posts, and making sure they don’t overpower the content from your followers.


Instagram is known for having a young audience, and they may not be as willing to see advertisements instead of more selfies from their friends. I think that Instagam is going about this in the right way though by making the ads unobtrusive. It will be easy for users to scroll by ads they don’t care for, and since the ads will be targeted based on Instagram and Facebook data, they won’t seem out of place. By taking a slow, almost laid back approach, Instagram is trying to give their audiences an acquired taste.

So, will ads be the death of Instagram? I don’t think so, of course there will be a ton of outraged users upon mass rollout, mainly the people who still didn’t realize the change was occurring. But I think Instagram’s communications on the change will help curb this some, and even will make it a shorter time period that users will be outraged. But users will continue using the app, because it’s already part of their day.

What do you think? Will advertising kill Instagram?

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