Retweet After Me: Week of March 11

Facebook to Start Telling Brands Who’s Talking About What Topics by Tim Peterson

What do people talk about when they talk about _______ on Facebook? Soon marketers will have the answer. Facebook will start telling marketers the types of people who are talking about specific topics on the social network as well as the kinds of things they’re saying, through a partnership with social data firm DataSift. [Read More]

Brand Yourself: Applying Strategic Branding to Personal Social Channels by Adam Padilla

To grab attention in the crowded virtual supermall we call Facebook, you must keep your audience on its toes. The right ratio of traditional brand reinforcement messaging and a spontaneous X factor is the critical factor. [Read More]

3 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Business by Maggie Patterson

U.S. News & World Report used Facebook’s interest targeting tool for publishers to help promote its annual Best Colleges rankings to the appropriate Facebook users. Facebook strategic partner manager, news Meghan Peters said in a Facebook Media blog post that U.S. News & World Report social media editor Lauren Boyer used interest targeting to focus on Facebook users who had expressed interest in the top five schools on each ranking list. [Read More]

68 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Got Rejected or Account Got Banned by Jon Loomer

I rarely have any issues getting my ads approved. I’m a good dude, and I promote some pretty innocent stuff. I also know that trying to get around Facebook’s rules is never a smart thing, so I do all I can to know and follow their guidelines. But I routinely hear from others with far bigger problems than I face. They’re getting ads rejected or — much worse — getting their accounts banned. [Read More]

Facebook will now remove Page Likes from deactivated accounts by Tim Peterson

If you manage a Facebook Page, don’t be surprised if you see a small dip in your number of “likes” in the coming weeks. According to a blog post, the company is now purging likes from closed accounts, including memorialized and deactivated ones. [Read More]

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