Retweet After Me: Week of Feb. 13, 2013

Here’s this week’s roundup of need to know social media news. Enjoy!

Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank by Cara Tarbaj

A recent controversy over average Facebook Page reach led Facebook to publicly announce the four main factors it uses to determine the reach each Page post gets. Reach refers to the number of your Facebook fans (users who Like your Page) who see each of your posts in their News Feed. [ Read More ]

How Vine Is Beating Cinemagram by Chris Taylor

GIF creation app Cinemagram has seen a significant uptick in interest — but is losing the battle of the buzz to its upstart rival, Twitter’s six-second video app Vine. [ Read More ]

Are You in the 1 Percent? LinkedIn Congratulates Its Elite Members by Todd Wasserman

LinkedIn has tapped into the inherent narcissism of social media communication for a very successful program notifying its elite members of their eliteness. [ Read More ]

5 Social Media Service Tips by Ernan Roman

The Challenge: In the past, brands addressed customer service issues by way of a primary channel — the ‘call center.’ But now, companies must also monitor, respond, and engage in a variety of social channels. [ Read More ]

Doctors treating patients for social media addiction

Are you addicted to social media? It may be a real problem! Doctors are treating patients for it. A study by the University of Chicago last year found social media can be even more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol! [ Read More ]

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