Retweet After Me: Week of Feb. 26, 2013

Facebook and Tumblr take the spotlight in this week’s Retweet After Me!

Facebook Admits Critical Bugs Caused Page Reach To Be Misreported For Months by Josh Constine

While trying to speed up its iOS and Android apps, Facebook accidentally stripped out too much data about news feed posts by Pages. This caused Page Insights to be misreported, leading admins to believe their posts reached fewer people than they actually did, in most cases. Bug fixes are now rolling out and accurate data will flow into Page Insights starting Monday. [ Read More ]

Tumblr Draws a Distinction Between Its Ads and Those of Google and Facebook by Mike Shields

If you like direct response ads and blue links and tired display ads, don’t talk to Tumblr. But if you’re a creative who’s dying to get clients off their click addiction and do some truly great brand advertising, give Tumblr a call. [ Read More ]

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Facebook Graph Search by Andrea Vahl

Do you want to be more visible in Facebook Graph Search? As Facebook Graph Search rolls out to more users, marketers are exploring different ways to use it. [ Read More ]

Tweet in Haste, Regret in Leisure: The Onion’s Oscar Faux-Pas by Brian Adams

If you were on Twitter after the Oscars then you are aware of “The Tweet.” It was sent out at 8:42PST and taken down within an hour of being posted. Its content divided Twitter users between defenders of satire and those standing up for a 9-year-old Oscar nominee. [ Read More ]

Do You Need A Tumblr? by Brian Adams

We know, we know: You’re already on LinkedIn and Twitter, and of course you’re on Facebook. Maybe you even joined the early adopters in trying out Google+. How many hours a day can a person be expected to be social? [ Read More ]

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