Retweet After Me: Week of Aug. 27, 2013

Here’s my most recent round up of social media and web information for higher education professionals. Enjoy!


Right now in higher education, social media is our Gizmo. We think social media’s adorable; we’re trying to take care of it, do all the right stuff with it. And this has led us to doing some wonderfully creative things and taking some interesting risks to reach our constituents in new ways. [Read More]

Your Brand Is Tweeting Too Much by Mitch Joel

It’s getting ugly out there. Brands and fellow agencies will often ask me the same question: how often should we be on _____________ (insert your favorite social media channel here)? In the past, research be damned, my response would typically be: so long as it’s quality and your audience cares, shares and keeps on about it, don’t listen to the research reports or what any pundit has to tell you. The unique pulse between and a brand and its consumers is highly personal and unique on a case-by-case basis. [Read More]

Social Fresh Presentations

Want to see what I did while I was at #SocialFresh last week? Give a few minutes to the SlideShares from the conference! [Read More]

How To Identify Your Best Facebook Content by Liz Gross

If you manage a Facebook page, you’ve probably downloaded your Page Insights data and stared at the screen while scrolling through 75+ columns of information….in the first tab of a mega-tabbed worksheet! Unless you’re a full-time social media manager, you probably gave up and decided to settle for the analytics provided within the Page Insights web interface. [Read More]

University Pages: LinkedIn Launches New College Profiles by Bill Chappell

The professional connections site LinkedIn is launching a new section of its social network Monday: University Pages targets younger users who want to connect with colleges. More than 200 schools now have profile pages, according to LinkedIn. As part of the new effort, the company also dropped its minimum age to 14 in the U.S. [Read More]

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