#GovernmentShutdown Includes Twitter Accounts

Along with the Government Shutdown, which as we all know is affecting many many people and services, Twitter accounts are beginning their own #TwitterShutdown. Here are the accounts that are currently telling it like it is.

@USGS tweeted this morning that it would be temporarily closing up shop.

Along with them, @Smithsonian said they will only tweet to let you know of operation statuses of the museum.

Joining is @NationalMallNPS, the Twitter account of the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C.

What’s interesting is these accounts flat out told users that they are shutting down, rather than just keep quiet and wait for the government shutdown to end. This is a valid strategy move, and definitely shows the transparency Twitter users have come to expect. I wonder how far in advance plans were made for this kind of situation.

I will update this list as I see more accounts that tweet their current #TwitterShutdown.

Update: 6:50 a.m. CT

@USDA is also shutting the Twitter doors.

Add @FCC to the list

Update: 7 a.m. CT

@NASAKennedy has taken it one step further, they changed their Twitter bio to read:

Sorry, but we won’t be tweeting/responding to replies during the government shutdown. Be back as soon as possible! http://notice.USA.gov

Along with that, they’ve tweeted twice, once about their account, the other about their public events.


The @NIH also followed @NASAKennedy’s lead with updating their profile description.

Due to a lapse in government funding, new posts and responses may not originate from this account until appropriations are enacted.

Update: 7:45 a.m. CT

Based on Google Translate, I can tell this Tweet is similar to the USA.gov account above.

With so many tweets of government Twitter shutdowns, it’s becoming evident which Twitter accounts are run by the same teams. Just an interesting thing I thought I’d point out.

Update: 8:45 a.m. CT

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History made a point to let followers know that the animals at the National Zoo would still be cared for. Smart move. (Thanks to @beccajacoby for sending this one my way!)

Thanks to @lizgross144 for pointing out FAFSA!

Lis Gross and I had a short conversation about the similarity in messages. She said that #socialgov collaborates a lot, and meets about best social practices often, leading to the account’s similar approach. Thanks for the info, Liz!

The @FDARecalls account will post recall news, but not respond. So partial shutdown?

Really like that @HolocaustMuseum just came out and said that their staff isn’t paid by Federal funds so they’ll still be updating. Again, transparency is being shown well.

Update: 10:30 a.m. CT

Disclaimer: I am in no way attempting to take away from the severity of this Government Shutdown for those who are truly experiencing its effects. I know this is a difficult time for those working for the government. I also am in no way attempting to make a political statement, and will not engage in conversation of political nature. If you are looking to have a political discussion, there is a comment section on a major news site waiting for you.

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